VCPEX Investment Fund

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VCPEX is the investment fund attached to LIFARE. This allows LIFARE to via VCPEX directly invest in the equity of innovative companies and become a long-term structural partner. After careful analysis of the investment landscape, VCPEX and LIFARE came to the conclusion that there currently are certain voids in between investment rounds that need to be filled (For example when an innovative company has raised funds from a Business Angel and is currently pitching to VC’s but doesn’t have the cashflow to sustain themselves and thus are losing opportunities and momentum due to the fact that they’re pursuing investments and not focusing on managing the company.)

VCPEX wants make investments in order to fill these voids so entrepreneurs have an opportunity to sustainably grow their company and reach the next stage without having to sell off all of their hard work to a competitor. VCPEX is a €15M fund and invests from €75K upward to €600K. Get in touch via the button below in case you’re an innovative company looking for capital or in case you know an interesting company.