Raising Funds: 

LIFARE’s attached internal investment fund is always looking for interesting and innovative companies to invest in. Besides actively investing, LIFARE also advises and guides companies on the matter of raising Smart Capital from the right Investor. 

LIFARE will kickstart your company to the next stage of your entrepreneurial journey by advising and guiding you in regards to raising funds from the perfect partner. Raising funds is not just about the money but more than that it is all about having the right fit, synergies as well ass the same long-term goals and vision. Having access to the right kind of capital is crucial to sustainably grow your entrepreneurial endeavour. 

Are you frustrated by the fact that you can’t with passion and dedication run the company you’ve founded and are you spending most of your time looking for funding? Get in touch and we’ll take care of it! 

How LIFARE works: 

Step 1: Analysis: Take a look at the current financial situation. 

Step 2: Strategise: Take into account your goals in regards to financing. 

Step 3: Budgeting: How do you need and for what will it be used for? 


Step 1: Creating an Investment Proposal: LIFARE will devise an investment proposal. Creating genuine excitement is the short term goal at this moment in time. Informing investors and making them acquainted with the company is what we’re going for.  

Step 2: Training: Necessary for the team of the company to fully understand every aspect of the Investment Plan or Proposal. We’ll train your team how to pitch it towards potential investors. 

Step 3: Prospecting: The search for the perfect investor starts! Approaching investors to get serious talks off the ground. LIFARE has extensive contacts internationally (Benelux, India and the Middle-East)  with high profile investors. 

Step 4: Negotiating & Closing: Get the best possible deal. This is not only financially but also in regards to there is some kind of synergy between the parties. LIFARE will guide the company through the negotiation process. Due to our extensive experience, we’re capable of protecting your interest as a non-emotionally attached partner. After signing the deal, LIFARE will make sure your interests are protected and the deal goes through and that you effectively do receive the promised capital.