Consulting Services: 

LIFARE also offers consulting services for innovative companies who want to be advised on a long-term basis with the goal of eventually raising REAL Smart-Capital at the end of the road (3 - 6 months). This is organised on a case by case basis. LIFARE will do an in depth quantitative and qualitative screening of the company to see what the potential is as well as the problems, challenges and bottlenecks that are stopping it from growing, scaling and becoming investment ready.

LIFARE only accepts companies for its consulting services as clients in case there is real potential for the companies to on a long-term basis raise capital from either LIFARE/VCPEX or external partners. 

Afterwards, LIFARE will devise a tailor-made action plan within the framework of the “goals” and “available resources” of the company. The ultimate goal as mentioned before is to grow, scale and become investment ready according to the metrics of investors. LIFARE mainly focuses on: 

  1.  Devising a long-term Strategic Plan. 

  2. Increasing revenue with an Innovative Sales Plan 

  3. Getting the word out and attracting the right kind of customers with an Inbound-Marketing Plan.

  4. Making Operations lean, effective and efficient.

  5. Putting in motion a cost-efficient PR-plan.  

The focus during the consulting period will not be on training or coaching but will be on tangibly changing business operations as well as preparing the different “actionable” plans to be put to test. The company will then implement and apply the real changes in the company. An analysis will be made from the results that it has produced. An adjustment plan of the strategy will be devised in case the predetermined objectives are not achieved.