Coaching Services

LIFARE’s tailor made and case specific coaching sessions enables entrepreneurs by helping them to professionalise and become investment ready! LIFARE is focused on offering Impact Coaching and Business Coaching. During these coaching sessions, we’ll together tackle the different challenges you as an entrepreneur are facing everyday.

How we work?: 

Step 1: Qualitative Analysis: Q&A Session: Brutal honesty is the best policy and an intensive one-on-one session is organised where the LIFARE Team grills the executives in your company. This is done in order to extract certain specific problems and challenges the company is having as well as gain qualitative information and insight in regards to the tangible and intangible 

Step 2: Quantitative Analysis: LIFARE always starts with the end in mind. The most important aspect when raising funds from external investors is having a clear and structured data-room in order! In case your company hasn’t got one, we will start analysing every aspect of your business and create one together that is world-class and transparent that will make a professional first impression to any potential external investors. 

Step 3: On-site Inspection: How can we possibly coöperate if we don’t know where and how the magic happens? LIFARE will pay a visit on location to ensure that the information in the data-room matches the reality on the ground. We’ll taste and understand your secret sauce since only then we’ll know how much salt and dressing to add.

Step 4: Planning: A conclusion of the case at hand is made by the LIFARE team and based on that a tailored made “Action Plan” will be devised for the company. An email with all the necessary information (action plan, session dates and location, logbook, access to online co-working document and invoice) and documents will be forwarded. 

Step 5: Start!