Lifare Opens the Gates to the Worldwide Market

Conquering the world with your own company is the dream of many entrepreneurs.

Reaching the worldwide market is where LIFARE comes into the picture.

LIFARE opens the gates of the worldwide market for high-growth companies.

Our approach is to find new geographical markets or to find new users within the same market. We also make you set foot ashore new sectors to expand your sales.

Scale-ups who are active in the Lifestyle, Fashion and or Retail sectors can apply for our program.

Lifestyle for us means sustainable energy, environmental friendly transport and innovation in the food industry.

Fashion for us is all about innovative products and applications. We are interested in smart and wearable tech applications with a fashion side to it.

Retail is the third sector we are focussing on. We seek potential in e-commerce, innovative retail and last mile delivery.

Are you MVP positive?

Innovative companies who want to apply for the LIFARE program must have a tested MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This is a product that is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. Those early adopters are provided with the vision or promise of the final product and provide valuable feedback.

What’s in it for the innovative companies?

LIFARE supports the innovative companies in the scaling phase right after the validation phase. Scaling is a phase where revenue is added at a much greater rate than costs. LIFARE gives access to financing and support from mentors and corporate partners during the program.

LIFARE offers a program that does not require its innovative companies to move into our premises. We also don’t have a heavy schedule of lectures and events you must attend. Our main focus lies on making you sell more in an international market.

We do this by organising quarterly board meetings and by regularly following up the companies. LIFARE compiles a tailored committee who can bring value to the company on the short as well as the long term.

The 5 reasons you should choose for the LIFARE program:

1. Four generations of contacts in the international luxury, retail and distribution markets.

2. Access to C-suite mentors who mentor the innovative companies on a case by case basis.

3. Access to ‘Blue-Chip’ corporate partners who will guide the innovative companies internationally.

4. Venture Capital funding in the form of an initial convertible loan for during the program and possibly a hefty equity stake after the program.

5. Our vision on enhanced growth by focussing on sales.

Do you want your business to grow and sell more?