“Let’s pave the roads for the future”

How will we transport goods and ourselves through the city of the future?

At LIFARE we are figuring this out with innovative ideas for future mobility.

Mobility has come up to a crossroad with roads going in all different directions.

Transportation of the future

There is a lot of room for innovation. At this moment we already see changes happening in the mobility sector.

Car, scooter and bike sharing platforms are popping up all over places.

But we are not limited to those options.

Other plans are being drawn or worked out right now. Think of:

· Implementing transport of freights into the public transport system.

· Monorails going through the city.

· Multi-levelled tracks to bundle trains, cars, bicycles and pedestrian ways.

There is room for so many ideas

Innovative ideas at lightspeed

LIFARE stands up to connect your idea with the world.

The main challenge is to get commuters out of their cars and into public transport or other innovative solutions. This will require a new way of business and fresh thinking to come up with new ideas.

Brainstorm sessions, hackathons, … are being organised to come up with innovative ideas to solve this problem. We are proud to be one of the community partners of the Chainport hackathon at the Port of Antwerp from 11 till 13 October mobility and sustainability are two of the six challenges the contestants will be working on.

The rapid advances and changes in mobility technology presents enormous opportunities to cities and regions, but they also bring big challenges with them.

What is your vision on future mobility? How fast do you think the future will be here? Do you participate in paving the roads of the mobility of tomorrow?

Let us know.