“Sustainability stems from efficiency”

The sustainability of the planet is the single most important factor in the lifestyle of the human race.

Humans are the most successful species to have lived on this planet, but we are also putting the most pressure on its limited resources.

Three of the determinants that have put the most pressure are mobility, energy and food-technology.

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Efficiency key to go viral

We do believe that there are business processes already in the world that reduce the ecological footprint by making these sectors more efficient.

We want these businesses and concepts to scale internationally as well as cross sectors. It is for this reason we are targeting some of the largest names to work with LIFARE as corporate partners.

As a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) we are also looking to work with organisations (including non-profits) that are involved in the recreation sector and who are building quality of life.

This includes everything from physical health to family, education, employment, wealth, religious beliefs, finance and the environment.

LIFARE wants to reduce the bad and expand the good.