“The Power to Save the Planet”

We can save the world if we start doing it now.

The world is yelling at us to start using renewable energy.

In comparison to mobility, the solutions already exist in this sector.

The perfect examples of switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy are countries like Sweden, Costa Rica, Uruguay, …

These countries rely on more than 90% of renewable energy all year round.

What’s it about?

LIFARE divides sustainable energy in three important principles:

· Accessibility: Over the coming 40 years the demand for energy will double along with a population growth of approximately 2 billion people.
Today there are 2 billion people who have no access to energy. The LIFARE program exists for the companies that are willing to solve this problem.

· Affordability: The cost and competitiveness of a nation’s energy supply will be the global measurement of a growing or stagnant country.

· Responsibility: This is an environmental term that involves the responsibility we have for the limited supply of resources and the world we live in.

Energetic solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to make the switch to renewable energy.

A lot of factors come into play. The main one being geographical.

Some countries have the capability to generate more solar power than others because they have more daylight. Coastal regions generate more wind energy and some regions have access to water streams to form hydroelectric power.

Solar energy is booming in countries like Germany, Italy, China, Japan and the USA

Wind energy is what countries like China, the USA, Germany and India are heavily investing in at this moment.

Hydroelectric power is the most applied in China, Brazil, Canada and the USA.

Besides solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric power there are other innovative ideas like geothermal energy and biofuels.

LIFARE sees a lot of opportunities to continue and scale up the flow of sustainable energy production in the international energy market.

The power of success

There is one common theme among the success stories.

Leaders have actively set ambitious goals for renewable energy generation and support them with investments followed by big growth.

This is where LIFARE stands for as well. Investing in a sustainable environment by using renewable energy.

A well organised and large-scale switch is required to succeed in creating a sustainable planet.

What is your vision about sustainable energy for the future?